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New Oregon Based Electric Three-Wheeler Getting 190 MPG


pulse-electric-carIt looks like everyone’s making electric cars nowadays. Following the example of Aptera, that designed a three-wheeled hybrid capable to reach 300 miles per gallon, an Oregon-based company, Arcimoto of Eugene, designed their three-wheeled fully electric vehicle capable of reaching no less than 190 mpg, if we take mpg as an energy reference.

Arcimoto’s electric car, named “Pulse“,  isn’t capable of traveling more than 50 miles with one charge, but that seems to be enough for most of the people living in urban areas. Pulse is made of lightweight materials and “We’re going to be moving right away next year in 2010 with 300 units locally produced here in Oregon and going from there”, said Arcimoto CEO Erik Stabl.

It’s a nice thought knowing that there’s an increasing competition for the already established players like Renault Nissan, Tesla and Aptera, because this is only to the good of the consumer and the environment. Pulse will cost less than $20,000, and that says many things can be brought cheaper than previously thought.

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