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Meteosat Used to Detect Faulty Solar Panel Power Stations

Italy is known for its plans to develop photovoltaic power as one of their main sources of energy. Having such a wide experience in solar power harvesting, several issues arise regarding the solar panels’ maintenance. Every PV plant has a sensor verifying the quantity of light arriving at its location at any given moment during the day.

IBM Chooses Lithium Air Batteries for 500 Miles EV Range

IBM, through its “Big Green” – “Battery 500” project, aimed to produce a battery for an electric car that would be able to carry a family-sized sedan up to 500 miles, spotted the lithium-air (STAIR) invention as its goal, and predicted that they could improve the STAIR battery further with the nanoscale semiconductor manufacturing techniques they possess.

Fraunhofer Develops New, Easy to Make High Efficiency Solar Cells

Yet another efficiency record has been established for mass-producible solar cells: 23.4%. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) from Germany succeeded to manufacture a single-crystal silicon solar cell of a thin p-type semiconductor layer residing on an n-type semiconductor substrate. The solar cell’s area is 2x2cm.