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The Sea Snake: Scotland's 750kW Wave Powered Project



Wave power is one of the most unharvested and still promising sources of energy in the future, because waves will always exist, store and transport the energy that took ancient sailors far on the seas: the wind. Scotland has already built a 180 m tube they call “The Sea Snake”, that will capture the waves’ movements and energy and transmit it via subshore cables to the land.

“We are often compared to the wind industry 20 years ago,” said Andrew Scott, project development manager at Pelamis Wave Power Ltd, which is developing the Sea Snake system, known as P2. A single Sea Snake has capacity of 750 kilowatts: by around 2015, Pelamis hopes each unit will have capacity of 20 megawatts, or enough to power about 30,000 homes.

The dependence on electricity will ultimately outweigh that on oil, and we will need to make the transition slowly but surely from oil to electricity. These various sources of energy, no matter how small they are, these locally-grown projects will prepare our electric infrastructure to be ready to accept the huge number of users who, for example, will want to charge their electric car or boat from the mains.

[source: reuters via ecofriend]

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