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Helix-Shaped Vertical Wind Turbines Will Power GSM Towers in Africa & US



I guess cell phones are the most successful invention ever, despite of the controversy that’s been around since they were first brought up to the market, regarding health safety to humans.

Too often, regardless of the energy sources being used, the GSM transmission towers’ power fails, because of various reasons: theft, heavy rain/snow, disturbances in the grid lines.

Helix, a San Diego-based wind company, is working on a wind turbine that is designed to power base stations in hard to reach, remote locations from Africa and the US.

Their wind turbines are not looking like the standard ones you see in open fields anywhere in the world, but they’re looking just like helixes. They produce vertical wind turbines, and the advantage is that the wind can power them from any direction, like it’s pictured below:


Helix’s turbines can produce enough power to pay for themselves in about six months (in telecom industry), which is reasonable. They hope to have prototypes installed in Africa and the US as soon as november this year, after first testing them in Nigeria in late october. Contracts with telecom operators have already been signed (Eltek NSG, Zain, MTI).

Dubbed by a solar panel, this kind of setup could never leave a communication tower without energy, especially in windy regions like the northern countries, and sunny ones like African countries. Diversifying renewable energy’s use in other remote areas, including areas in Europe, and not only, could give green kudos to the respective companies. Being green is a marketing advantage nowadays, besides doing the right thing.

Below is a video showing Helix’s wind turbine in action:

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