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Lithium-Polymer Based Battery System for Solar-Powered Homes


green-battery-eti-corporation_xf3df_69-copy_p7WqM_69A Malaysian company called ETI Tech Corporation Bhd has developed the world’s first lithium-polymer battery system for solar-powered homes. “The lithium ion battery is 100 percent environment-friendly, unlike the more commonly used lead acid battery,” said ETI Tech Corporation Bhd managing director K. K. Lee.

“Also, lead has been banned in Europe as it is poisonous to the environment. What we have here is a battery that is not only green, but also has a higher charging and discharge efficiency and low running cost. Less battery packs are also required compared to lead acid batteries.”

The director also claims that for the same battery charge time, the lithium battery can store more power with only six photovoltaic panels, which is half of what lead acid batteries need for optimum load capacity.

The lithium-polymer battery units weigh 18kg each, which is about 7kg lighter than lead acid batteries with similar capacity which weigh about 25kg per unit. The company has tested the setup in a mock household that carries a refrigerator, three CFL lights, a TV set and a DVD player. Khor said that the system is perfect for families living in rural areas.

[Source: MalayMail]

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