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New Underwater Turbines Use Shallow Water to Make Electricity


river_MsrZJ_69Seattle-based Hydrovolts Inc. has developed a new system which can be used to generate electricity from small, unassuming waterways such as irrigation canals, without the use of dams.

To generate electricity in shallow waters, the system is based on the use of a FlipWing turbine. The FlipWing turbine’s blades have a hinged mechanism so that they fold backwards on the upstream stroke, reducing drag. The turbines are perfect for irrigation canals and aqueducts, according to Burt Hamner, a cleantech expert. By making a good reputation for the turbines in United States, Hamner plans to build partnerships overseas in developing regions.

Meantime the company is working on three different turbine sizes that can serve particular locations. Hydrovolts believe that their new system can generate up to 4KW of energy. The company will start selling the turbines in summer 2010 and would cost around $14,000.

[Source: Discovery]

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