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New Wind Turbine Generator Gets 57% More Power


exro_x220Wind power is one of the cheapest forms of energy available to us, because it mainly depends on wind’s speed, and it works 24/7, with no dependence on the moment of the day. A new company called ExRo Technology, based in Vancouver, BC, wants to commercially develop a new type of generator to be used in wind turbines all over the world. The interesting fact is that this new generator can increase the electricity output by 50%.

While normal generators can produce electricity with an efficiency of 90%, this can go lower when the wind speed varies. This happens because the current generators use the same number of coils around the magnetic shaft, a fact that reduces the efficiency at low speeds. The newly invented generator can couple and uncouple the coils surrounding the rotor, so that efficiency is kept to a reasonable figure.

Basically, the generator should look like this:


The company is currently testing small generators like these in their own labs, and are going to test 5kW units in open space. Their next step, though, is to install megawatt-sized generators on actual already-built wind turbines. This add-on could bring the wind energy companies 57% more profits yearly, and the consumer a cheaper energy source.

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  1. can me rotate asmall china tiger benzine generator (2.5 Kw)with normal motor of aircooler (240 watt) to give me 10 A

  2. Do you produce Wind turbines commercially, if so contact me ASAP with your details for placing PO.
    Project Eng, 30MW-Wind power @EMS.

  3. hi i leave in Kenya and i wanted to get my hands on a wind generator. i build a wind mill and i used a regular motor vehicle alternator i really don’t like its efficiency. very low. I use it at my place but i would like to test your wind generator. my place is wind and the windmill does very high revolutions per minute say 300 rpm at low winds and at high winds it can archive say 800rpm. i use a 3 blade windmill.

  4. Very Interesing site indeed! I just stumbled upon it looking at progress that William Yuan might be making on 3-D solar power. I see incredible ideas and some would probably work right now, but no where do I see anything more than ‘ideas in progress’ 🙁

    Its really sad that there appears to be world wide mindset that its not profitable if its not ‘oil/gas guzzling’! The US press wont give any of your ideas even a 10 second airing anywhere on any channel. I dont know if its the ‘Bush-Cheney Syndome’ that says ‘if it doesnt pollute, rob the US of 90% of its cash, and waste trillions of dollars from the public-its not worth mentioning’. Of perhaps its (probably) intentional that the oil/gas/defense industry continually ignores or kill outright new technology year after year:( (Oil and Defense are big co owners of most major radio and network channels)- suprised ?

    Call me a pessimist sorry, but year after year 99.9% of ideas on your site remain just that, ideas’ and nothing more 🙁

  5. Dream on! Your credibility is severely compromised by the vagueness, misrepresentations and half truths your article spews.

    Just like wind power always does, your article sets the reader up for future disappointment.

    Two thumbs down.

    • Hello,

      If you want scientific data, calculations and advanced physics, please contact the authors of this invention. Even MIT does not give exact details of the generator, just working principles, and that’s all most of the people need to know. And I think you got that from my article, which is far from being vague. I always choose a more concise form of the news, instead of a regular 2-page “blah-blah”. Thank you, and one thumb up for your comment.


    • Tom Stacy, first of all the technology is genuine, I was present during the original presentation in Vancouver a number of years ago and again a couple of occasions before that…I understand the vagueness of the information…but guess what it is “under development” and I would not want this technology leaked out either. So if you want more than a NDA will most likely be required…than again you will only most likely get general information from EXRO.
      We are again considered using this generator ourselves and will consider it for our 5 HAWT and 50 kW HAWT…some consideration may be given to our smaller turbines…but again…I state that this is sound technology and while worth the wait…
      Rick West President of http://www.QuantumWind.com and http://www.WestEnergyGroup.com  @


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