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Why FF91’s Future is Uncertain


The Faraday Future FF 91 is an interesting specimen. It sports three electric motors that combined produce 1050 horsepower, and drive this incredible looking machine from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 2.5 seconds.

That is really, really fast.

With its 130-kWh battery it can cruse on a single charge for more than 350 miles, according to their adjusted EPA rating.

The incredible specs don’t stop there.

If we look closer we will find a host of features that would be at home in two or three generations from the present, to call a 30 sensor system that can park your car, or hunt for a spot in a parking lot “next generation” would be unfair.

This is a car from the future.

There are some minor issues, though

Sadly, the future of this car, and the Faraday company, is very uncertain.

While they have certainly produced some great looking prototypes, the factory they are building in the Nevada desert, is not yet there.

There are no walls, let alone all the tooling that they will need to start production.

An official in Nevada has referred to the venture as a “ponzi scheme”.

To add to their troubles, many members of senior management left in late 2016.

It is unlikely that Faraday will meet their goal of producing cars in 2018, and if they continue down the road they are on, they will never produce anything.

Automobiles are not an easy business to break into

It is wonderful that people are beginning to buy, and support the development of electric cars. Tesla really did change the game, and it is great to see a new, innovative face in automotive manufacturing.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of Tesla is not the model s,3 or x, but the rush from the major manufactures to field their own “Tesla Killer”.

Tesla made electric cars sexy. And that is going to push the movement away from the internal combustion engine along.

But we are probably not going to see Faraday make the same impact on the market, with a car that costs more than $170,000, and that may as well be built in Loompa-Land.

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