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Formulec and FCI Develop The Fastest Electric Racing Car Seen So Far


Since the first electric car appeared, it was a matter of time before the world’s first electric racing car stepped up on the market. With the help of two French companies – FCI and Formulec, the dream of many car lovers or Formula One fans has been made possible: to see a full electric racing car matching regular petrol vehicles on the tracks.

With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) in a mere 3 seconds, we think everybody would agree i’s an impressive performance. Since i’s a Formula One car, its speed is as important as the acceleration, but this EV has nothing to worry about: the top speed reaches 250 km/h.

As Formulec’s project started to advance, the team in charge of it realized they could use the collaboration of a connection expert, which could make a valuable technological input.

They found the perfect candidate in the FCI Company and in their RCS800 high-performance connector, which the constructors can rely on to transmit power from the battery to the electric motor most efficiently.

Officials at Formulec are happy that FCI accepted the challenge and helped the project become more visible for political authorities and the general public, just as Liam Butterworth from FCI finds the project as common ground for the two companies’ vision of the future.

I personally think these numbers are enough to disperse any doubts about this car being the best thing that has ever happened to the EV industry so far, at least in terms of advertising!

[via CarAdvice]

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