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Ferrari Is All About Hybrids, Not The Plug-ins, Though


laferrariHow far will Ferrari go in order to please all these wealthy and at the same time environmental oriented buyers? Many have wondered this exact thing, as the new LaFerrari hybrid has been quite successful since it hit the market. Well, the answer is- not too far. Hybrids yes, but electric plug-in’s no.

It is quite surprising that Ferrari is not trying to compete directly with Tesla’s all-electric Model S, or the super plug-in hybrids of Porsche. However, the company’s boss, Luca di Montezelmolo, is very much against all electric cars. He is more about the engine sound, the one thing no EV can replicate.

Well, it is not all bad news to “green” supporters. The most profitable Italian automaker might reject the all-electric models, but the company will pursue hybrid technology, which will lower the emissions, and yet still improve the performance. This is the case with the LaFerrari model, for example, where two electric motors are combined, using the technology developed for Formula One racing.

As Montezelmolo told Bloomberg, next month the company will showcase  the 458 Speciale sports hybrid car at the Frankfurt auto show. Rumor has it that the starting price of this super aerodynamically efficient model will be about 240,000 euros on the European market.

Now, the next question is, will Ferrari be able to compete with the plug-in competitors without building an electric model? It still remains to be seen.

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