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First Affordable Mass Produced Electric Car in the World Comes from Volkswagen


volkswagen-affordable-electric-carIn Frankfurt – Germany, Europe’s biggest car manufacturer, Volkswagen and the Japanese group Toshiba signed an agreement to develop together the new VW electric cars.

This alliance would allow VW to become the first manufacturer able to mass produce electric cars with low costs, making the cars affordable to the population.
In this agreement, Toshiba will develop the electrical system, as batteries.

Nowadays Li-Io batteries are not as small and efficient the car industry would need, and Toshiba is trying to develop smaller and more powerful Li-Ion batteries.

The future developed technologies will be used in future VW’s small cars we will be seing in the next years.

The aim of VW is to become the first car maker able to provide “an emissions-free, affordable and safe large-scale production electric vehicle.”

Of course, there is a lot of work to do before we will see the new VW Small Family of cars on the streets, but the alliance is promising a lot.

The electric car age is getting closer as more vehicle manufacturers announce future plans about their electric cars. EU regulations might have an effect also, as from 2012 strict carbon emission limitations become active.

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