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The First EV Taxi Fleet to Launch in US


EV TaxiMore and more fleets are beginning to see the benefits of electric vehicles [EV], not only from a financial standpoint, but also socially. Maybe EVs are still not in the budget for many drivers who would like one, but now, in Arlington, VA, they may have a choice between emissions and non-emissions taxis.

The Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company, a start-up company in Arlington, still needs to get approval from the county board next month. EV Taxicabs is proposing more than just an EV taxi service, but will also, if approved by the board, install charging stations throughout the county. Mainly for the EV taxis themselves, they will also be made available for fee-based public use.

New regulations in the Washington, DC region are requiring that all taxis have credit card payment and GPS systems. “Now is the time to be more technologically advanced,” Malik Khattak, the company’s founder, said. “No one should be going around asking different cabs if they take credit cards.”

Similar to Green Cab of Madison, WI, each of the forty EV taxis is equipped with Wi-Fi and back-seat iPads, which would not only allow web-browsing en-route, but also to pay for the ride with a credit card.

Rick Vogel, GM of Envirocab has a fifty car hybrid fleet and is testing only one EV taxi. He has his doubts as to whether a taxi company can rely solely on an EV fleet, considering their limited range and excessive recharging times.

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  1. No doubt these non emission cars are good for environment but the question is can people satisfied with http://www.arlingtoncabsma.com/ services. Or Can these new cabs provide comfortable and safe transits to passengers in and around the Arlington area.


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