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4 Floating Cities that are Becoming A Reality


floating cityA few years back, the thought of a floating city would have left you scratching your head in confusion.  With rising sea levels threatening the security of some countries, floating cities are being considered as reality for the near future. Here are four futuristic floating cities that are pioneering the futuristic concept

Prefab Self Sustaining Floating City

The Prefab Self Sustaining Floating City aims to resolve China’s overcrowding population epidemic. This floating city would be extremely energy efficient and will be built using prefabricated hexagonal modules. This self sustaining city will not only be environmentally friendly, but will also include farming and fish hatcheries in order to sustain food for its residents.

X-Sea Ty

The key feature of this futuristic floating city is not only that it will create an eco-friendly habitat, but also work as its own air filter, creating constant fresh air for its residents.  Its infrastructure will consist of  “hive-like”  mixtures of porous concrete and photosynthetic algae. 


This beautiful work of art takes the shape of a water lily. Lilypad is another futuristic floating city that is underway. Liliypad will be shaped like a water lily, composed of different islands, or lilypads. Designer of Lilypad, Vincent Callebaut, decided that each island that makes up this floating city would have various terrains. Every lilypad island would be intertwined and would use renewable resources to obtain power, keeping this floating city eco-friendly.

Silt Lake City

Silt Lake City would be engineered to counteract flooding catastrophes. Designers of this floating city: Margaux Leycuras, Anne-Hina Mallette and Marion Ottomann, decided that the idea of dividing an existing body of water into individual floating cities would allow them to achieve the concept of a flood controlled floating city.  In the event of high tides, Silt Lake City would simply glide over the tides instead of being washed with high quantities of water. The floating city’s ability to do this would keep residences, farms and energy generation zones free from destruction.

With so many innovative floating city ideas underway, the possibilities are unlimited. These futuristic floating city ideas pave the way for the fortuity of the human population being capable of surviving on self-sustainable floating islands. 

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