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New Flow Battery Storage Project Sees California Light


Last week, San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) and Sumitomo Electric (SEI) announced that it started a pilot project for a 2-MW vanadium redox flow (VRF) battery storage.

The project will last four years, and if the new technology can be enhanced economically, be delivered safely, integrated to renewable energy, and contribute to utility flexibility. The VRF batteries can work efficiently for more than 20 years.

Additionally, these batteries go through less degradation over time as number of charing cycles increase over time. Throughout the pilot project, the SDG&E will test voltage frequency, shifting energy demand, and power outage support.

Junji Itoh, managing director of Sumitomo Electric, said:

“We are delighted to see our first flow battery system operating in the U.S.  through the multiple-use operation of the battery system in SDG&E’s distribution network”

As SDG&E has over than 100 MW of energy storage in its facilities for contracted or completed projects. If the pilot project succeeds, then there can be a new system for energy storage.

[via renewableenergyworld]

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