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The Story Behind Ford’s Model E Isn’t So S-E-X-Y


Ford_FocusElectric_06-1024x682You’ve heard of Ford CEO Mark Field’s upcoming electric vehicle, Model E, which is rumored to come in two body styles: a sedan and a crossover.

There’s a lot of reasons why consumers are excited. Model E will have a starting 200 miles of range and will accept a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or battery electric powertrain depending on the model. That’s a lot of options tailored to the public’s need, being that there is a demand for larger vehicles.

Ford is investing $4.5 billion in building 13 new electric cars, and Model E is only part of the plan.

While Ford has learned to listen to what the people want, it has not learned to play nice with competing car companies, like with Tesla Motors. CEO of Tesla Elon Musk wanted to trademark Model E in order to fit the vehicle type into his collection of electric vehicles which would have spelled, S-E-X-Y.

Too late, Ford got wind of the inspiration and trademarked Model E. Musk responded by accusing Ford of wanting to “kill sex.”

Nonetheless, Tesla claimed Model 3… which sort of looks like an E.

Consumers most likely won’t fret over Musk’s loss, however, and certainly won’t fret over what Ford has to offer over other competing companies. In particular, Ford has established a way for its new collection to fit three different powertrains, making it more convenient for buyers.

Ford is showing some consideration. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids will sell at a lower cost, presenting an option to those who wish to spend less and still bask in the electric car future.

Still, the Model E is set to be produced starting in the spring of 2019. By then, not only Tesla, but GM, Atieva, NextEV, and Faraday Future will have released electric cars as well.

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