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France to Create First Low Cost EV – Only $7,500


FranceThe French government just announced plans to build an EV that will be available for under $7,500. There is another version currently on sale now, in India.

With a slightly higher pricetag, roughly $15,000, the French version will still be a wonderful find for those unable to make the stretch to the $35,000 range for other full size models.

The French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Madame Ségolène Royal, explained at the climate talks that she wanted to “create an electric car for the people.” (translated) She explains that the $7,500 price would certainly be on the higher end, with the suggested being as low as $5,300. Her vision of the vehicle is small, light, fast-charging with an appearance that “may not look like traditional electric cars”.

France’s attempt to shift the nation to an electric fleet would see the country rolling out the low-cost vehicle all over. Royal is hoping that the low-cost model will prompt some innovation in not only new modes of transportation, but in battery development as well as materials.  “In emerging countries, the growing middle class means that there are more and more vehicles being purchased and most of these cars are fossil fuel cars,” Royal said. “This is a very attractive solution.

Because e2o (low-cost electric vehicle) in India has not been received well, but, we can hope that France will lead the vehicle charge.

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