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Fraunhofer's Very Efficient Solar Cell Concentrator


solar-cell-concentratorWe all know that green energy it not so cheap at the moment because we don’t have yet made major steps towards it. But small steps are better than none and the future seems bright if we continue and plan good the change from carbon emission energy plants to green farms. In some cases though green energy already replaced few percents of conventional energy plants with cheaper prices per kWh.Solar cells are more an more used to generate green energy using the power of the sun. But their efficiency is the most important factor when we think about installing a system.

Systems that concentrate solar light through lenses seem to be the most efficient and advantageous. The concentrator enables the system to work with cheaper lens system instead of expensive semi-conductor materials, making it as well even more efficient.

We already wrote some articles about new inventions of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg but they seem to amaze us more and more lately.

Physicist Marc Steiner discovered a way to increase the efficiency of the solar cell concentrator more than what we knew up to know. He simulated an optimized program with changed structure and configuration of the metallic contact fingers. The result was incredible and Marc Steiner will be awarded the 2nd Hugo Geiger Prize for his thesis “Minimization of serial resistance losses in III-V solar cells with the aid of a SPICE network simulation”.

Let’s just hope the thesis will be put into practice with the same incredible results.

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