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Free Energy Inventors: Scammers or The Real Deal? (video)

Aldo Costa's Gravity Wheel

Free energy is, in essence, unachievable. You cannot get energy out of nothing – yet there are people all of the world claiming they’ve made discoveries in the field of “free” energy. They don’t claim their devices get their energy out of nowhere, but from gravity, magnetism and a form of still undefined energy called “zero point energy.”

The video I want to show you today is neither new or unknown – you may have probably seen it, but for those who haven’t (including myself) it may clear things a bit about the field of energy that is beyond our understanding.

It’s 54 minutes long, but worth watching when you have some time.

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  1. Thanks Joe. I have started to check out ways to produce hydrogen at lower costs as well. It irritates me to hear (again) how agencies will just refuse to see what you have there. The energy lobby has too much influence. It’s always for economical reasons. With current global warming and all the rest, we shoul go full throttle on these technologies. They exist, they sometimes have been there for a long time, only have been simply and purposely ignored.

  2. Free energy is…. a myth because we haven’t been able to extract all the energy within any single loop or system to this point. Once you have reached 100% efficient anything above that will be free energy. I’ve examined the possible impact of free energy for many years. I’ve even designed a system that I believe could get you there staying within the current laws of thermodynamics. It’s not brain surgery but may border on rocket science. Back around the year 2000 there was a push toward a hydrogen based economy, the problems were many and the fuel of choice hydrogen was ideal from a certain point of view. The major problem when it was all boiled down was hydrogen was too expensive (the cost to produce was more than fossil fuels). So with that as the problem to solve my team and I set out on a quest that continues to this day. After many months and years of design and modeling the problem was solved. Hydrogen could be produced cheaper and in abundance. Shouting with glee we approched the DOE and other government agencies about developing the technology on a viable scale, however when we mentioned that the problem was solved and we were looking for the ability to produce a prototype for demonstration….the interest went away. Seems there was plenty of programs set up to work on problems but no one really wanted to hear about solutions. So the project was mothballed, we figure when they get ready for solutions we’ll hear from ’em. Could the system be pushed into overunity? Perhaps. We never felt it was nessasary to explain because it was obvious. Never underestimate the power of the status que.


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