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GE Expands Worldwide Presence With Hybrid Solar/Wind/Gas Power Plant in Turkey


As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, General Electric is thinking of expanding its presence worldwide. Their plans now include a 530 megawatt hybrid power plant in Turkey.

The new plant, set to start producing energy by 2015, will combine the best of both worlds: solar and wind on one hand, and natural gas on the other. The company says this combination would make sense financially and doesn’t expect subsidies to nor to encourage its building or future energy production.

“When we look at the long-term future of power generation, we see the importance of integrating natural gas and renewable energy sources in new and innovative ways to provide energy that is cleaner, more cost effective and more reliable,” explained Paul Browning, in charge of thermal products at GE.

With development to start later this year, GE is hoping its 70 percent efficient natural gas part of the power plant will seamlessly complement wind and solar, in an aim that will probably set away some of Turkey’s focus from nuclear power.

[via goodcleantech]

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