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Ford Increases EV Production To More Than 100,000 Units Annually


Ford Motor Company is going to triple its electric vehicle production capacity in North America during 2013, further boosting volumes of its all-new C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid, which are planned to for release in 2012.

Ford wants to expand its EV production to more than 100,000 annually. Currently, Ford sells about 35,000 hybrid vehicles every year. The company’s best selling cars are the Fusion Hybrid and Escape Hybrid.

Ford also wants to start producing five different EVs in 2013 including the Transit Connect Electric, on sale now, the Focus Electric, this year, plus the two new C-MAX vehicles (C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid), and a fifth, whose name has not yet been disclosed.

The electric vehicles will be built at Ford’s assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan. According to the company, the most part of the plant is powered by solar panel systems. With this increase in capacity, Ford will create more than 220 green technology jobs in Michigan.

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