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Dutch Nissan Leaf Drivers Complete 24 Hours Marathon

I like the buggy on the left

Two Dutch electric car enthusiasts took their Nissan Leaf for a 24 hour drive just to prove the world that you can go for 779.19 miles in such a vehicle without problems and with the least amount of money spent (they don’t have highway taxes in the Netherlands). They said they were doing it out of curiosity.

As you may well know already, you can’t go for more than 100 miles in a Nissan Leaf, but the two electrified guys had fast charging stations in their favor, and they were able to charge their car in 30 minutes, although the manual says fast charging will reduce the battery’s lifetime.

Their experience can also prove that it can be done by having the proper infrastructure and a little patience and understanding for the technology to grow.

Just watch the video below and share your opinions at the bottom of the page, in the comments section.

[via allcarselectric]


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