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Genepax (Japanese Water Car Company) Shut to Silence


genepax_wes_2In June last year, everyone may have heard the buzz about a japanese water car. The buzz was about Genepax, a company from Japan who had claimed that they invented a revolutionary system that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen and then uses a fuel cell to recombine it and generate electricity. That electricity would have driven a car, fact that they demonstrated in front of the press at that time.

They even had youtube videos showing their core technology at work, how water is being fed to the system and then recycled back to its source. It was a nice hope for the auto industry, although some claimed it was some kind of hoax.

Well, the naysayers must be happy now, that the company has closed its gates. I don’t know for sure this wasn’t a hoax, but with so many public appearances and demonstrations, I don’t see many possibilities that it was. More, so many discussion groups over the internet experiment water splitting devices, with no intention of selling them to anyone, but to make their lifes better and save their pockets’ contents.

Anyway, conspiracy or non-conspiracy, after Stan Meyer’s (another well-mediatized water car inventor) odd death, we have an additional reason to believe that there’s a certain policy ruling the world, policy that won’t allow anyone make breakthrough changes, and even if they’re demonstrated to work, they will be probably categorized as scams, or someone will silently shut them down.

Genepax is down, people! And that’s sad to hear…

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  1. Of cause, same thing happened in Sri Lanka many years back. An engineer invented a water fueled car in 2004. It was published even in television and afterwards the person was missing… Most probably multinational petroleum companies should be behind this….. Someone should investigate.

  2. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bf49926b8e078199817e95939de8371c24593a6aa00d1a03d9ad765a6a373312.jpg
    Hey guys, just saw the water car video… I am from Bangalore, India and this car is the REVA car which is totally electric. Runs on Charged Batteries. My daughter owns one. Good car, BUT DOES NOT RUN ON WATER here in Bangalore ! This car is around in Bangalore for nearly over a decade for now. Was a product of Maini Industries and now taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra auto manufacturer who have come out with newer variants of this electric car. NOT ON WATER.

  3. The system works , I have done it , another friend of mine put a smaller version on a Yamaha Stratoliner his mileage went from 40 to 98 miles to a gallon , this is one of the reasons why the oil companies don’t want HHO to be around , Plus the fact HHo don’t pollute at all, and can be used in place of all fossil fuels, it can power everything , no more coal fired or nuclear electric plants no more gas needed and completely renewable , and it produces more power than gas

  4. Face it , we all ready know the oil companies MURDERED Stan Myers , any one who thinks not is a fool , he gets offered a billion dollars to shelve the project , he says no six months later he’s dead , a man with a Dodge truck in Ontario calif , builds a system like Stans , demon straits it and then people in business suits pull up tell him where his kids go to school and where his wife works , and says it would be shame for something to happen to them because of his project , and Genepax gets shut down , this is the oil company’s and they deserve a whole lot of pay back for this shit , they need to go down and go down hard , Murder and terrorists threats on people , Fuck the oil company’s lets all make this technology work and fuck the oil company’s and put those bastards out of business

  5. Depends on your definition of hoax- tech the engine is bifueled– as both the hydrogen from the water and the metal halide used to separate the water is consumed-

  6. It would be so easy for these inventors to just publish their work (as real scientists do) and confirm their theories and inventions, to grant that those “evil corporations” won’t kill them or shut them to silence forever…  But NOOOOOOOO, the greedy bastards kept their secrets for themselves and prevented the world to be a better place to live…

    • Stan Myers had NASA and the PENTAGON looking at his projevt and the British also and the oil company’s murdered him anyway , the oil company’s own the gov and all exec’s are above the law

  7. Wake up People!!! There are people that will pay serious money for discrediting or shutting down any technology that is a threat to oil, gas and coal industry. As long you stay ignorant you are their slave.

  8. I think the technology it real, but the genePax car ran on water. I think water is the taboo because it is free. Other “fuel processors” run on fossil fuels to get the hydrogen and they’re still in business. Although they’re not allowed to say they run on water also

  9. Anybody know how Stanley Meyer transformed a normal into a motor to works with water? or where can i find info, how to do it, DIY, anything find a way. I´m really interested. Thanks!

  10. It was a hoax no matter how you look at it, breaking the bonds that hydrogen has with oxygen takes the same energy as you could possibly generate by combining them again to form water, it’s busted, sorry. Maybe free energy will exist some day or exists nowadays, but not in this way.

  11. @17 – There’s a subtle disctinction with the Horizon cell. What they’re claiming is they have some sort of dry fuel cartridge. If you add water to it, hydrogen is generated. That’s not the same thing as something that’s powered purely by water. Whatever’s in the dry cartridge will eventually get used up and need to be replaced. That doesn’t violate any laws of science at all. What they’re selling is convenience not a miracle energy supply.

  12. Its truly sad how the naysayers repeat ad nauaseum their energy mantra: “energy in equals energy out” like modern day “Torquemadas” without even looking into the details or researching the facts. Everyone knows there is a powerful energy lobby which besides control governments, control the media and academia. Oil production has already peaked. The hydrogen economy is already before us and the oil companies know this. That’s why they have invested heavily in this new resource. These companies like any other are not ready to surrender their iron fist monopolistic stranglehold over the energy resources whether they be oil, electricity or now hydrogen. That is why an ingenious device created by entrepreprenurial individuals and powered by the most ubiquitous element on this planet H2O is simply not in their plans.

  13. Are you here to help?

    The question is not whether free energy is valid, for even the village idiot understands intuitively that everything is energy, by way of light. So thats what we’re are.. talking about.

    So how do we extract the energy from water without taking the piss. My personal leanings are towards Tesla’s methodologies, and as mentioned, zero point tec plucked from the darkness of space itself.

  14. @Gilgamesh

    Well, you won’t have to wait that long. KIA, GM, Toyota have all announced fuel cell production models by 2015. California continues to expand it’s hydrogen highway network. Tata Motors invested 9 million in Sun Catalytx. The London 2012 Olympics will feature taxis powered by hydrogen created by wind power.

    There is very real progress in moving towards a pollution free car driven by Hydrogen…unfortunately there is alot of naysaying and bitter noise preventing this message from getting to the public by people who want to muddle the waters.

  15. Hi John Bailo.
    I think maybe you are right, maybe Genepak is a hoax, or just a wrong idea, and it is not practical.There are thousands of ideas out there, that even if they work would not be very feasible.
    I would like to buy a car, if somebody would miniaturize nuclear power, that would make its own electricity, and it would neutralize the radiation, and the nuclear waste, by making its own brown gas, and would never need any water, or hydrogen or any fuel , and would run for the next hundred years.
    And maybe we will have cars like that in the near future.

  16. People are confusing hydrogen power (very workable) with “water powered” which is BS. What complicates it all is we know you can break down water into hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them to power an engine. Where it gets confusing for the ill-informed is that you can’t power a car purely on this basis. I’m not talking about adding this along side gasoline but as a water powered only engine. The energy required to break water into hydrogen and oxygen is the same as that recovered through combustion. Taking into account the inevitable losses any such system would be way less than 100% and thus not sustainable. The problem is the free energy believers don’t accept the proven facts of the energy involved in the making and breaking of the hydrogen-oxygen bond. They prefer to believe YouTube videos and fact free “free energy” website rather than every well proven fact confirmed by years of study under controlled conditions. Twats.

  17. In general there is a lot of negative press articles about anything to do with hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Part of this disinformation campaign comes from the top down. Hydrogen was a cornerstone of Bush policy. Obama has made it a point to disfavor hydrogen and champion batteries. He demonstrated this with the appointment of Steve Chu and Jeff Immelt as advisors.

    In general however there are negative articles…a few weeks ago I read a news headline about a hydrogen truck having an explosion. When reading the article it turned out that one of the tires had exploded but not the hydrogen! There are also many articles about hydrogen peroxide being spilled as this seems to be a common compound at refineries…but the public probably mixes up H2O2 liquid with H2 gas for fuel cells. In the Fukushima blast, I think they mistakenly attributed the blasts to Hydrogen (let’s just say they didn’t prove it to be the case through an evidential process).

    All this comes down to the idea that Genepak can either be a hoax which is also used to discredit the very real and rising Hydrogen Economy and its associated companies, or a suppressed technology. In any case, so much has happened since they made there announcement that there are very real technologies from noted research institutions like MIT and Prof. Nocera who have developed artificial leaves to generate hydrogen from sunlight. So, Genepak could be almost unnecessary at this point.

    However, for those who want to champion Hydrogen, be on the look out for false articles.

  18. woodkitten,
    I don’t know about you but my teachers taught me to learn and do research. They built a basic understanding and I have spent the last 40 years building on that. I give an educated opinion about stuff that I have both tried and not tried. Are you suggesting I can’t have or express an opinion on politics, religion, racism, drugs, etc just because I haven’t done any of it? The anti-intellectuals such as yourself are hypocrites as you are all authoritys on such things as “free energy devices” and yet very few of you of you have actually attempted to build one and none of you have gotten one to work. Now why is that? Oh that’s right the big oil companies buy all the patents and sit on them. Absolute bullsh&t. If any of you “free energy” believers had bothered to follow through on your education you’d be able to separate facts from fantasy. Alas that is not the case.

  19. I can’t believe the amount of trolls on this site dissing the hard work that some brave individuals are putting into alternative means of energy producton. Have any of you experts in physics and such ever done anything but whine and complain about things you have never attempted yourselves? Oh,I know,you already know all the answers to everything because the teachers in school taught you everything they know and that must have been pretty comprehensive because now you can give an educated opinion about stuff that you have never actually tried yourself. If you don’t have something to offer that can help then crawl back under your rock or where ever you might have oozed from

  20. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only changed in form. (Who ever created this law is the biggest A**-Hole in the Universe) Laugh while you can monkey-boy 😛

  21. NIles,
    Why don’t you consider the other option? The energy required to produce the oxygen/hydrogen from water is the same as the energy that can be recovered from recombining them in an engine. So a car cannot generate enough power to run itself by being topped up with water if it is the only fuel. Now this is all basic physics but folks who believe there is some grand conspiracy will never see it from the scientific point of view.

    It never ceases to amuse me that those who support these water powered cars never actually bother to make one themselves. Water is not and will never be fuel.

  22. Sort of reminds me of certain doctors in the last 50 years or so who came up with cures and even invented equipment years ahead of its time only to be shut down, or thrown in prison. Its the same principle. The powerful do not wish to lose their monopoly. And competition is not allowed.

  23. Geoff Fritz,
    with all respect to your opinions what ever they are…
    AND whatever your motive is….I have been interested in this concept for the last 2 years and copies of patents of the invention of Stan Mayer are freely available on the net.
    I actually made a water fuel cell and produced Hydrogene and Oxygene by a method called electrlysis, maybe you should try it it is amazing to see these bubbles of hydrogene rising from the water. and they burn, it is hydrogene and oxygene that makes up the water right. electricity from a 12 Volt car battery breaks the bond and frees the gases.
    try this…wire up a spoon to a 9 volt battery positive and another spoon to the negative side immerse them into salted water and see what happens when you bring them close to each other without touching. now get someone to use a lighter to light the gas bubbles. have fun.

  24. Stan Meyer died of natural causes. But to keep the conspiracy theorist happy he was ass raped by aliens and died of Mars AIDS.

    LOve this line: “Well, the naysayers must be happy now, that the company has closed its gates. I don’t know for sure this wasn’t a hoax, but with so many public appearances and demonstrations, I don’t see many possibility that it was.”

    Of course it was a hoax you ninny. All free energy is.

    As a naysayer with regards free energy, I am never wrong, but it pains me that people are still pushing this rubbish on the gullible public. Hydrogen powered cars – yes. Water to hydrogen to water and so on to power a car – give me a fucking break!!!

  25. Surely one must be inquisitive enough to see and examine one of Genepax car’s before writing them off as rubbish. I certainly could be prepared to buy one.

  26. A water car cannot be sold! The governments will not allow it because the oil and banks will not allow it.

    Those in charge of the world, oil, banking etc need to keep people dependent and in the dark and stupid. They CANNOT allow “free” energy that will make 3rd world countries independent and US independent from Oil and the world banks.

    The technology to convert water to hydrogen has been around for decades. Yes I can be done with very little energy I have know people that did it. But it can not be sold, either the inventor is bought off, killed like Stan Meyer or just disappears. Look at the history if you think it is just a coincidence!

  27. There is another inventor from the Philippines and he also invented a car that runs on water (google it). He said that his invention could not be manufactured because his government has an agreement with the World Bank in which no invention can compete with them with oil sales.

    I suppose the Wold bank offered Genepax a big check to shut up, and the smartest thing for them was to take it because otherwise we know what happens….

  28. basically they have a crap car and something that generates electricity from just water? seriously if you had this, why would you put it in a car? why not hook it up to a power grid that would compensate you for pumping electricity into the grid? that exists in many communities. You could turn water into cash. why are they putting it in a car? there is really only one answer. I DOESN’T FUCKING WORK!!! the money they plan to profit from is the investors’ money.

  29. When I saw first that water powered car I was very much impressed. I thought that genepax company was very brave to challange the world’s oil kings. Finally they could only show that, our world is still controlled by the oil cartel…

  30. I will be leaving for Japan on august 15th and I will let everyone know if this Genepax vehicle is real or not. If the car is for real I will purchase one and bring the vehicle back to the united states And drive the vehicle on Oprahs talk show and let all americans see for themselves.Then I will drive the vehicle straight to washington and visit with the president.

  31. Please give me a break with thermodynamics and newton-aged theories. I studied them already, but what these guys are trying to do is take a glimpse at zero point energy, not make something out of nothing, like everyone likes to say.


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