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Austrian Hypermiler Does Amazing 1242 Miles and 127.9 MPG In a Classic Diesel, Around Europe


It’s not the Prius, it’s not the Volt, it’s not any hybrid car, but a turbocharged diesel one: a 1.2-liter Skoda Fabia. Austrian hypermiler Gerhard Plattner has just proved that an ordinary diesel car can go 2,000 kilometers (1,242.7 miles) with just one 45-liter fuel tank, reaching an astonishing 127.9 miles per gallon.

The Skoda Fabia Greenline II has a stock fuel consumption of 83.1 miles per gallon. However, Plattner used some techniques such as properly-inflated tires and light-footed driving to go all the way from Reutte, Austria, to Bov, Denmark, crossing Germany’s longest motorway, the A7.

“With a fuel consumption well below the specified norm, I want to show that besides the car manufacturers, every driver can contribute to further reduce this environmental pollution,” the hypermiler told AutoExpress.

The car also has an ultra-low carbon dioxide output, of only 89 grams/kilometer, which is countries like the UK translates in a road tax exemption. If someone took that car and put a hybrid engine inside, the fuel consumption would have been outrageous (I’m guessing somewhere around 250 mpg).

This is not Plattner’s first record of driving a low-consumption car. He has also driven a Seat Ibiza Ecomotive in 2009, getting 100 mpg throughout Europe.


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