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Ultra-Fast DC Chargers to Expand Use of Electric Cars in Germany


Good news for German electric car users come from E.ON. The company will start building ultra-fast charging stations along the country’s motorways and will specialize only on DC chargers.

Of course, the charging stations will be compatible with the CHAdeMO standard, and will be able to bear charges of up to 50 kW per vehicle, which will “fill up” in 20 to 30 minutes. This time record is possible because they’ll be using DC current instead of AC, which need conversion to DC.

The cost for charging a vehicle will be only five euros during the test phase.

“Only those stations with short loading times in public spaces for customers and energy suppliers are equally attractive. Therefore we take this approach with a special interest,” says Klaus Dieter Maubach, E. ON chief of Science and Technology.

E.ON has hopes that their new minute-lasting charging stations will attract more and more users towards EVs, and will allow for a quicker electrification of Germany’s automobile park.

Distances of over 150 to 200 kilometers will be doable in a single trip. Even people without a garage to charge their car in will be able to own an EV without any hassle.

[via cleantechnica]

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