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GM Hy-Wire Fuel Cell Vehicle Tested by Top Gear


…and here’s the HyWire technology, the one the world has been talking about in the last few months. It’s a concept made by General Motors, there is only one example of it made, and it runs on fuel cell power. I mean… hydrogen power. The whole thing is electric, everything is made computer-style, and it doesn’t have any mechanical part between the driver and the wheels.

Everything on GM Hy-Wire is ran by sensors, motors, and electric current. You may shift the “steering wheel” (in fact it’s not a wheel in the true sense of the word, but instead more of an airplane control system), from left to right, depending in which country you drive it. Hy-Wire has everything is so customizable that you can even change its body at your dealer if you get bored of the one you purchased it with.

The Top Gear presenter said about Hy-Wire: “This is the future”. He’s usually pessimistic in what counts for alternative/electric cars. If he said that, he must be right.

What do you think? Watch Top Gear’s Hy-Wire presentation video.

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  1. So where is the Hy Wire today? April 2010. Will we ever see this technology on the roads? Or will the oil driven industry keep it covered in dust?

  2. alittle too new-age for me. i’ll take the goss132 though. it’s just like my current car with all the space i need! Boo Ya! goss132 or nothing else for me. we all know the big car companies will charge an arm and a leg for those things. why bother when you can get them now-a-days for alot less!


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