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How to Go Green This Year Without Spending Extra


152395149It is never too late to go green, and there is no better time than the New Year.

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that being eco-friendly means you should invest in solar panels, or an expensive electric car. Well, it is not true, and here are ten tips how to go green for free, and why not even save a bit.

1. Reduce your energy consumption

The carbon footprint of your house is the first to take care of. A while ago we published a detailed list of different things you can do in each individual room so that you can enjoy lower energy bills, so if you are serious about it, just follow the steps. All in all, the winning combination is simple- good insulation, switching of energy efficient light bulbs when they are not in use, use good quality energy efficient appliances and make use of all the light coming from the outside.

2. Green up your car

If you are still a big fan of your car and cannot even begin to imagine what would be like to ditch it and hop on the bike or the metro, here is a list of different things you might want to take into account that will help you bring down that carbon footprint.

3. Buy from leaders in Green Energy

Yes, not everyone can have their own solar panel on the roof, or a personalized wind turbine in their garden, but there are many giant companies like Apple, Google, Ikea (and many more) that make huge efforts to invest in renewable energy and cut down their carbon footprint. What we can do is, support them and let them take care of the renewable energy part.

4. Stop wasting water

Water shortage is becoming a huge problem as climate change continues to affect the temperatures. Every little drop of water that we save could potentially have a huge impact on our future, and even save lives. So why not stop the waste? We do not even have to change our daily routines. Here are a few tips.

5. Try free heating

Yes, it is possible. It is very easy to say that this winter is too harsh and we have to use that expensive gas boiler or electricity-powered heating system, but the reality is, there are ways to make use of some free heating. What is more, you can actually do it all yourself with a few bits and bobs from the DIY store (or the storage room).

6. Opt for DIY

There are so many ways you can go green by building a simple green gadget to replace the energy consuming one, using a few tools in your garden shed  on a boring Sunday afternoon.  From ice-powered air conditioner, through making your own solar oven, or why not even building your own solar panel? Everything is possible, after all wise people have said it: where there is a will, there is a way.

7. Support green initiatives

There are many green initiatives that you can support, and by support, I do not necessarily mean donating money. Yes, many of them can only exist with funds from generous investors, but if you cannot do this for them, then at least spread the word. Maybe with your ‘share’ on social media you will reach a person, who can in fact give money. When you see a good cause, an interesting article or a brilliant idea that needs crowdfunding, just tell others about it.

8. Aim for Zero-Waste

Many have already proven that life without waste is indeed possible. But even if you are skeptical about it all, and somehow cannot imagine living without producing waste, the least you can do is go and visit all these great restaurants that take pride in their zero-waste policy. Have a look for yourself how they do it, and even if you do not follow their example, at least give them your support.

9. Recycle

Recycling is the key to minimizing pollution, and minimizing pollution is the key to green living. Here you can find five very important aspects of recycling, which usually tilt the scales when it comes to making that choice between the green, the blue and the grey bin. The thing to remember here is that every plastic bag, or piece of paper, or even apple peal sent for recycling, means one less item to rot in a landfill and pollute the environment.

10. Vote

Last but not least, we all know that although every little helps, joining forces is the way to go. To do this effectively, however, it always comes down to politicians, who approve laws and divert funds for green causes. This is what we have to vote for, and not just sit and wait for this green economy to appear on its own.

Of course, these are just very few of the many different ways you can go green. The important message to take with you here is that money is no excuse for not protecting the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. You can do it, I know.

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