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Google Adds Electric Car Charging Spots Layer to Its Maps Application


Google has lately been at the forefront of web applications applied to green technologies. Their initiatives in the field have kinda been waiting for this one: the inclusion of the nearest EV charging station in Google Maps.

I use Maps, my friends use Maps, and I can’t not to, because it’s so integrated with my Android phone that it would be a big moral loss otherwise. Yes, I know, EVs usually have built-in maps of the closest charging stations, but Google’s version is just online, and is just the closest thing to reality (if you don’t sync your car’s built-in maps, for example, you may end up going to a closed gas station with what’s left of your already empty battery).

Google is not working alone in this area. NREL provides the data through its GeoEVSE service and will be adding more and more stations in the near future. Now we, the (future) EV users in Europe are also waiting for the maps to get extended onto our old continent, it would be of great help. Even if it would cost a small monthly fee, we wouldn’t mind.

One improvement that could be added to the whole idea would be if we could check the station’s available electricity left (if its resources are limited, or the grid connection isn’t as thick as it should be), make a reservation, and more info that we could use to best decide where to go without having been there previously.

Good idea, G.

[via treehugger]

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