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Haier's Wirelessly-Powered TV Demonstrates WiTricity Technology On Higher Powers


I guess Tesla would have enjoyed this news if he had been alive… Haier, a Chinese home electronics producer, has demonstrated WiTricity’s wireless power technology at CES 2010 by powering a TV set with no strings attached.

The images were transmitted using a standard so new that nobody knew about it, and that only became official as of December 2009. The standard is WHDI 1.0 (Wireless Home Digital Interface), and it uses a frequency band of 5GHz. The technology behind it has been developed by Amimon Ltd.

Getting back to the wireless power transmission part, WiTricity’s module can supply 100 W of electricity at the distance of 1m with the TV having a receiving coil of 1×1 foot (30.48×30.48cm) in size. Having in mind that the size of the coil increases with the distance, if it were to power it from 10 meters, let’s say… you do the calculations.

The technology is at its beginnings, and it’s still not to be criticized, but the idea is that having wireless power transmission at higher distances and higher powers would enable the deployment of energy a lot easier and electric cars would surely benefit from it. A wirelessly-powered TV is for the moment the perfect example that this kind of approach could work for more than your handheld gadget.

And, still… Tesla had way greater plans when he built his Wardencliff tower, hoping to send power to much higher distances.

[via TechOn!]

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