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Free Energy Magnetic Motor: Alsetalokin’s Version Filmed Working


Magnetic motors have fascinated me because of their statement: energy is all around, and should be free of charge.

Many have tried to build magnetic motors, but it’s difficult, and the difficulty comes from the fact that you somehow have to isolate and beam the magnetic field into only one direction, so it can repel the stator magnet properly and the following magnet would not attract or repel the stator until it reaches the position that would push it in the same movement direction.

Or, at least, that’s how I see things.

Anyway, here is another experimenter that uses rotating magnets on the stator, that if aligned properly to a certain pattern that he tries to find every time the motor starts, produces a movement of the rotor, and thus energy.

The idea is that the magnet doesn’t produce energy by itself, but the arrangement and the magnetic flux really do. And, if you find the right alignment pattern, I see no reason why it shouldn’t. Just watch the video and share your opinion with us.


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  1. Thanks Harvey Katz and Nathan, sanity at last.

    Sites like this are great for people to brainstorm viable new ideas like DIY solar water heaters, rocket stoves, wind turbines etc. Necessity is the mother of invention, but sadly far too often on these websites people’s good intentions and creativity are parasitised by scammers out to make a quick buck from the energy crisis

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  3. The is not one working magnetic generator on this planet, people need to understand that perpetual motion is a myth – I look into sites like: http://topmagneticgenerator.com that claim to build one – and they won’t get back to you with answers and never show a proof of it working

  4. Rob,

    A patent does not require a working example at all. Ask any patent attorney or buy (and read) the book “Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks For Dummies” at Amazon. Your statement that it “HAD” to be demonstrated is false therefore I cannot trust what you say. You should have taken physics and ethics in college since “Magnetic flux” is NOT stored energy.Never was, never will be. It requires mechanical energy to move a coil or magnet about a coil to produce electricity. I admit any technical discussion with you is a waste of time – Where is the working model?. There isn’t one at all.

    It would be a full time job keeping the stupid from throwing money away on ridiculous scams like the magnetic energy generator. Even so, the stupid are also stubborn in their intent to be losers in that they refuse to hear or even recognize the truth. They cannot even understand the following simple fact. In all this time (20 years or more the scam has been around) there is not one working example in the possession of a regular person not associated with the scammers. Not one. Not Ever. How stupid must one be to believe a video on the internet or listen to nonsense from the delusional?

  5. Magnetic flux is the stored energy that can provide mechanical drive to a mass and induce an electrical current in a conductor. This combined approach along with a third key design concept, (counter rotation of stator and rotor), is where my father and I believed we had ‘cracked the code’. Just magnetic propulsion alone will not get us everything. There must be a storage device for the induced electrical charge, there must be a combination of permanant magnetism and induced magnetic field that is controlled to assist in the mechanical drive, (same as firing a spark plug at TDC).

    I spent two years after college helping my father build a proof of concept motor which had to be demonstrated in person to the patent office to a team of gentlemen much more educated than me or my father. We did get the patent, (4733099), and it appears that just about every design attempt since has been in the same vein of thought that my father came up with. This tells me that there is in fact something here.

    The closest design to the next approach my father and I were working on before he passed away was the Alsetalokin motor. The one miss is that the design does not include the induced current component that must be included in the design so that the magnet’s ability to induce electrical energy is also recovered. Counter Electro-Mechanical Force, (CEMF), is the last hurdle to overcome.

  6. Uncle B,

    Your rant against the US is misplaced demeaning, and grossly generalizing. Any society that has abundance will act in exactly the same way. ALL of us in the United States do not drive nor even want big high horsepower cars, have large, energy wasting houses, or support inefficient power generation. You view of the US reminds me of that of a Nigerian scammer. If you had your facts straight you would NOT use China and Europe as examples of clean energy generation as their efforts are even less than a drop in the bucket. Most of their energy still comes from COAL (except France). Pitting one group against another with ethnocentric rhetoric is not productive and never results in progress of any kind. You hateful rhetoric only creates arguments. Is that what your goal is?

    Another thing is that just because you want it to work, you think a magnetic energy motor is real. Wake up, it’s just a scam. Not one of these “Magnetic Motors” has ever been demonstrated by anyone but the inventor/dealer under questionable circumstances. If some principle really works, it can be duplicated. Not the Romag. Not Magnaworks. None of them. Not one outside person has a working model. NOT ONE. They are all, in effect, perpetual motion machines which violate the first law of thermodynmaics. Mumbo Jumbo aside, this law has never been broken. Never. No exceptions (as Dr. Bronner would say)

    Save your money. Don’t fall for this scam.

    You know it’s a scam when:

    Inventor says big oil tries to suppress it.
    Others cannot use or demonstrate it – especially scientists.
    It violates the known laws of physics.
    They need MORE of your MONEY to make it work but it never does.
    Perpetual Motion (motor runs a generator which produces enough power to run the motor plus extra).

    You say “They ignore the ‘Magnet Motors’ and quote laws of physics from an education ranked 32nd in the world by their own President”. Another baseless slam against the US. Scientists from ALL OVER the world are trying to tell an ignorant and fanatical following that the magnetic motors do not and can not work. You make fun of the language used because you can not understand what they are saying. Does the fact that no one outside the magnetic motor scam community has a working model make any impression at all with you? NOT ONE WORKING MODEL. NOT ONE. GET IT? Are you even capable of being educated to the point where you understand what a scam the magnetic motor is? Can you understand when someone is trying to help educate you for your own benefit?

    Probably not – you’ll probably just try to insult me but that will still not change the fact that the magnetic energy motor is a scam. Always was, always will be.

    Mark My Words.

    As much as one hopes these scams work they still don’t. By the way – don’t try to get your money back from for any of the perpetual motion generator scams. You won’t get it even though there are some false testimonials out there saying they did. Clean energy enthusiasts make great scam victims because the scammers push all their buttons on big bad energy companies and “we can finally get even with them”.

    Solar power? Yes – it works. Wind Power? Yes. Hydro-Electric Power? Yes. Nuclear Power like is used in France? YES – great example of what can be done.

  7. Solar, Wave, Wind, Tidal, Hydro, Geothermal – all good electric sources, all renewable, or ‘Perpetual” if you like, all ignored by Yankee Doodle who remains obsessed by foreign liquid fuels he cannot afford, and the 20% efficient gasoline engine! Even as China and Europe develop astonishingly efficient Nuclear /Electrics to supply the worlds fastest electric bullet trains, Americans push for a higher horsepower Corvette car for their free-ways and suburban lifestyles! Burgeoning Asian growth and a very strong Yuan bid against Yankee Doodle and his ‘fiat’ money for finite world resources, and the stage is set for rising prices in the U.S.A. for all! When this inflation hits, and as the U.S. dollar falls in value, expect convulsive paradigm shifts for the Americans – they will go from having too much and wasting to having far to little to support their already massive and unsustainable physiognomies! Imagine a 6′ 4″, 350 pound air-conditioned, pampered American sales executive, walking and eating only veggies and rice! – They will never survive the crunch that lays ahead, and they are just unsustainable enough to not be economically viable in the new world we face! They ignore the ‘Magnet Motors’ and quote laws of physics from an education ranked 32nd in the world by their own President, as the Asians slowly but surely pull ahead in all fields. Your days are numbered on this earth, O Great Hulking American Neanderthal, spawn of unholy corporatism, genetically selected and force fed these past three hundred yers by Capitalists to exploit the easy resources of the Americas! Those resources are now gone, and you are to follow, and your progeny die at the hands of the American Medical Cartel, condemning them by your unemployability, to death, by refusal of decent medical care! Your birthing corporatists now deal you death! Fools. Believe in the magnet! the Wind! the Sun! the Waves! the Tides! the Rainfall! Save yourselves.

  8. There can be no doubt that magnetic energy is the wave of the future. There have been a few who have devices rotating, but with no useable energy produced. To date the 3 major problems using magnets as a prime mover are:
    1. Starting Rotation
    2. Keep Engine Operating/Rotating
    3. Useable Torque

    TheFutureNow LLC Firmly Maintains that we have the right
    ingredients to produce useable energy with continuous operation
    using our configurations and materials to finally accomplish what no one else has been able to do!!!

    We need $250,000.00 to complete The Tri-Metatron Magnetic Motor.

    see video on work already accomplished:

    If you are a serious investor, then feel free to contact Jeremiah at: 360-376-2558 or 760-222-4609

  9. Why do you never give any links to where you find your info? It would be nice to actually go and check out this stuff at the developers own site.
    The links at the top of the video (needtoknow.eu) is a hosting link, and the (nulpuntenergie.net site) is a less then credible news source.
    This development is ‘interesting’ but without vastly more information (preferably from the developers own website) it is sketchy at best.
    I follow your blog here, but have to say the lack of references to the original material you get the story from limits the usefulness of your posts.


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