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28 Tesla Model S P85D Drag Races, in a Row


tesla-model-s-drag-raceHave you ever given into the temptation of searching YouTube for “Model S vs …” and see a couple of drag races that the P85D is involved in, plus the hateful comments of various BMW lovers that mistake the Tesla for a Prius?

Well, I have, and for those who like to see drag races AND love the Tesla Model S, the video I’m going to post today is just plain Drag Porn.

See Tesla fan and owner Casey Spencer drag race some of the craziest modded gas cars ever! Some even outdrag the P85D, but the whole 23 minutes of video prove that the Model S can sustain 28 drag races without the need to recharge, change oil or even cool down… Actually, you can see its superiority from the spaceship-like feeling you have sitting in total quietness, outaccelerating the others while the two screens gently inform you that you’re about to enter warp drive. It’s sublime.

For those who haven’t done it yet, there’s a free Tesla test drive anyone with a driver’s license can take. Convince yourself of what I just said.

Update: notice the battery bar in the dash at the end of the video… it’s gone down only halfway… nice.

(photo taken from YT video)

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  1. Um, yeah. So this is not a P85D. Did you pay attention to the video? It’s a regular 85D and his whole point was that even without paying the $20K to $30K performance upgrade for the larger rear motor with Insane mode or Ludicrous mode, the 85D is still a bad-ass car capable of winning a lot of drag races.


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