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Tesla Model Y to use Different Platform Than Model 3, With 95% Reduction in Wiring


The Model Y is Under Wraps

Elon Musk commented that the Model Y will feature a 95% reduction in wiring as compared to the Model 3 — with the aim of greatly reducing the need for a human manufacturing workforce.

The Model 3 itself featured a large reduction in wiring as well, as compared to the Model S and Model X — from 3 kilometers of wiring to 1.5 kilometers — though that situation is a bit different, as the Model 3 is a much smaller car than the Model S or Model X.

“Then where things will really be a step change, I think, beyond any other auto manufacturer will be the Model Y factory,” Musk said. “And this is both a function of designing the product to be easy to manufacture and easy to automate as well as designing the factory itself. So Model Y is where I think it really becomes a step change.”

Steve Hanley of Gas2 writes:

“Musk now says the Model Y will do away with the conventional 12 volt electrical system. Higher voltages require thinner wires,”  “The Model 3 is said to use far less wiring than other cars. One of the reasons it will have only one visual display is to make manufacturing easier and further reduce the amount of wiring used in the car. Musk hasn’t said what the new electrical system will be, but 48 volt systems are being promoted by a number of automotive suppliers.”

As it stands, Musk has stated that the Tesla Model Y crossover will probably arrive sometime in late 2019 or in early 2020.

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