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Hamwells, Guilt-free Luxury Shower Saves Water and Energy


Hamwells guilt-free shower saves 80% energy and 90% water by filtering and recirculating used water, without having to sacrifice the luxurious feel.

Since the water crisis in California became noticeably severe even for the biggest deniers and non-believers, we have covered here quite a number of ways in which every household can save some precious water. There was the energy/water saving space technology,  the Australian e-shower head,  and of course my favorite Spikey, the shower curtain that evicts you out. None of these, however, have reported such incredible water and energy savings as the one that I am about to introduce.

Meet Hamwells recirculating shower, which promises to save 80% of energy and 90% of water, when compared to a traditional shower. Unlike any other water/energy saving techs, here you still get the huge water pressure, and the feel of the old-style, wasteful yet very pleasant. The best part is, if you really do not feel like recirculating the shampooed or soapy water, you can let this one go, and then switch back to saving mode (for the singing-in-the-shower part of the routine).

Hamwells has quite a unique and very smart mechanisms behind it. It is equipped with drain mechanism, which is controlled by the user, and could be set to let water run through (like a conventional shower) or to recirculate the water (on recirculating mode). The purification of the water is done via an UV light, which kills bacteria and living organisms. Fresh warm water is continuously added to the cycle, while a SmartStop mechanism controls the amount and lets excess water run off. This SmartStop is also responsible for blocking hairs and filtering other large particles, like skin cells for example.

As every smart appliance these days, Hamwells can be connected to your phone via an app, which allows temperature control, activation of the shower, calculate your energy and water savings, and just for fun, it can link to Spotify and play you some of your favorite music.

The price for one Hamwells shower is relatively modest €2,950 ($3,190), especially considering the huge savings on water and electricity, and the fact that the product is aimed at the high end of the market, where luxurious products are.

If you like your long showers, but have been feeling super guilty for wasting liters and liters of water and huge amount of electricity every morning, maybe this is something for you. Just be considered with the rest of the people in the house- they all will need to eventually pass by the bathroom and enjoy a guilt-free shower.

Image (c) Hamwells

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