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Haven for Cyclists Rises in the Land of the Rising Sun

Interior of a room at Hotel Cycle in Japan where a bike is racked
Interior of a room at Hotel Cycle in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan with a bike racked

Traveling by bicycle is a big hassle in Asia.  Most hotels don’t have bike racks, nor do a lot of malls, and airlines charge an arm and a leg, well maybe a leg, for cyclists to bring their wheels on board.  So it’s refreshing that some establishments are opening their doors to cyclists like Hotel Cycle in Japan.  It should come as no surprise, Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture has the sea, hills and other beautiful scenery that make it popular among cyclists.

There are many features that make this hotel bike friendly.  For one, you can take your ride all the way up to the reception desk when checking in.  Also, you can rack your bike in the room safely and securely when you’re not using it.  And aside from a restaurant and a bar, the hotel also has a bike shop where you can buy accessories or even rent a bike.  You can check up on your ride in the main concourse and do some repairs.  Finally, bike staff can arrange for delivery if you decide not to lunge it around on the way home after your hotel stay.

But if you think that you can zip to another room with your bike, think again.  You need to haul up your ride up the stairs.  On the upside, you meet other like-minded cyclists.

I’ve been to malls where cycling is actually encouraged, with bike racks prominently positioned and roads with signs asking motorists to respect biker’s rights.  Now that a hotel has heard the cry of cyclists for bike friendly accommodations, I hope that airlines and airports will soon follow suit with budget friendly luggage options for bikes and bigger pushcarts.

Now that would make for a great ride, wouldn’t it?

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