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Hertz Car Rental Service Using Electric Nissan LEAF in Their Future Offer


Driving an electric car may be the dream of many, but some of them just can’t afford buying one or have second thoughts about it, not trusting what it can do and, most importantly, how.

Hertz, a worldwide car hire company, plans to buy electric cars and make them available for renting in Europe and the U.S. within the next two years. Teaming up with Nissan, they will start their electric car hire service with LEAF, Nissan’s first electric car available to the public. This way, Nissan will also have some live advertising through the users of the hired electric cars.

LEAF stands for Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car. It can go 100 miles on a single charge, which should be pleasing enough for most of the people driving around their town.

Peugeot is following Hertz’s example, by launching their own electric vehicle rental service in London, after having previously tested the system in four cities from France with electric cars, vans and motorbikes.

Hiring an EV seems the best thing to do when you aren’t decided but want to taste it.

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  1. Nice
    information, There is obviously a lot. Your points are very valuable and
    knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this great blog with us.

  2. Yeah, it’s like the done thing now. There are gona be loads of new hydrogen powered taxis in london for the 2012 olympics apparently.

  3. Many care hire companies are beginning to modify their fleet to include fuel efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles. It is pleasing to see one of the big influencers in car hire taking the lead. Good on you Hertz. I adore the brand name LEAF.


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