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Highly-Efficient and Cheap Solar Technology Challenges Fossils Prices


rayton-solar-flexible-537x398An American solar panel manufacturer claims to have found what was missing in solar technology. They developed the cheapest and most efficient panels made with minimal amounts of silicon, yet still performing with record braking efficiency.

The incredible technology is a product of Rayton Solar, who promise to deliver solar PV that can put fossils to shame in terms of pricing. To achieve this, the company had to optimize the process of making solar panels so that it can use as little silicon as possible and generate zero waste.

Their technology proved to be highly promising. The process, which is currently awaiting patent, yielded a product that is 25% more efficient and ways cheaper than anything found on the market these days, because it uses 100 times less silicon. Not only that these are cheaper than fossil fuels, but also panels made in the US following this process can be competitive in price with these manufactured in China.

As it is with every great newly discovered technology, the only thing that stands between the makers and the market is funds. In order to be able to polish up their product and bring it to a stage that it is ready for use by everyone, the guys turned to crowdfunding. Their campaign is currently on Indiegogo, and although the investments are coming in, the guys would still need a lot more. The company is offering various little gadgets to thank you for your support- solar book lamps, lanterns, solar phone chargers, even a solar sun.

Isn’t this what we all wanted? Affordable and efficient solar panels, which produce zero waste, are much cheaper than fossils and can be manufactured near home so that job openings are of benefit to our local community and not outsourced overseas. Now that it is so close to becoming possible, let’s help along the final stretch.

Image (c) Rayton Solar

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