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Holland to Have Europe's First Commercial EV Charging Station in Leeuwarden (Preparing for LEAF?)


Holland has been targeted as the first European country that will sell Nissan’s Leaf, the first mass-produced electric car with an affordable price (under $30,000). It is logical, then, that Holland is also the first European country to adopt fast-charging EV stations.

Epyon, an EV-charger manufacturer, has unveiled the first charging station at a gasoline station in Leeuwarden, in the northern province of Friesland (been there).

Taxi Kijlstra is the first beneficiary of the EV charging station, as they have converted two of their vans to electric. The taxis can charge their battery to the 50 kW station in only 30 minutes, and travel 60 miles or more on one charge (depending on traffic and driving habits).

Leaf will have a bigger autonomy, but until it arrives on the market, the people of Friesland will probably see more and more charging stations to appear in gasoline stations. Otherwise it will be a nightmare traveling in an electric car, if you don’t have where to charge it.

My second opinion is that The Netherlands is suited best for such medium-sized applications (under 100 miles on a charge) because distances aren’t so big there (it’s less than 100 miles from Leeuwarden to Amsterdam).

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