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Here’s a short video of someone who modified his bicycle to go electric. He used a brushless motor and a pack of several Li-Ion batteries of 36V capable of 30A (about 1kW). You’ll, see, he uses two, four, six, or eight of these batteries. That’s 8kW = about 5hp. That’s more than a regular motoscooter can do! I don’t know if I haven’t done any miscalculations, but this thing could get you to 100km/h easily! The batteries can be recharged in about 30 minutes. Watch the video and pull your own conclusions. After you did that, leave me a reply using the form below!

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  1. Jason is entirely correct in the power capabilities of this bike. If you pedalled as well, of course, you would start to get more speed. Yer average Joe can _comfortably_ put out maybe 100-150W over long periods, though, so a 300W motor is quite an assist.

    My other thought is that using pre-packed Dewalt, Ryobi Bosch etc batteries is a really expensive way to get the batteries. You can get similar stuff from RC places for a lot less, just in a shrink wrap pack, not the proprietary drill-saw boxes. Recharge times will be affected by the battery quality and of course the charger’s capabilities.

    DO NOT CHARGE LiPo BATTERIES WITH ANYTHING BUT A LiPo CHARGER THAT HAS CHARGING AND MONITORING FOR INDIVIDUAL CELLS. If there is a faulty cell in a battery, they can blow up. Houses have been burnt down like this. Read up on LiPo safety and believe what you read about over-discharging (your system should include a way to monitor each cell during use, warning of under-voltage at safety levels or even slowing or shutting the system), impact, incorrect charging, visual danger signs with batteries (not including smoke and flames :D).

    Not trying to spoil the fun, but just keep in mind


  2. wrong
    motor is limited to 400 w input
    about 300 w output if you are lucky, to the wheel
    = about 19 mph on flat ground


  3. I think you may want to re-evaluate your conclusions. Batteries are the potential power available. The motor is only a 300W Brush less DC motor. Thats about 0.4 Hp. Which would work out to maybe 35 – 40 Km/h depending on driver weight. You could put 100 Kw worth of batteries on there and it wont make it go any faster.


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