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Honda's Electric cars to Use Toshiba Lithium-Ion Batteries


Honda Motor Co. will use lithium-ion batteries developed by Toshiba in a test version of its electric car, having plans to supply this type of batteries for electric scooters.

Tomohiko Kawanabe, head of Honda’s research and development division recently declared that Kyoto-based GS Yuasa Corp. will provide lithium-ion batteries for its hybrid vehicles while Toshiba’s packs will be suitable for all-electric cars because they need more power.

Meanwhile, Honda has extended its agreements with four battery makers, including Sanyo and Panasonic. These two companies make nickel-metal hybrid packs for Honda’s latest hybrid vehicles.

Unlike Nissan’s Leaf electric car, Honda’s electric car has an autonomy of more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) on a single charge. The plug-in hybrid is able to run about 25 kilometers on battery power, being the same as Toyota’s plug-in.

Currently, Nissan hasn’t decided if they will use Toshiba’s batteries for mass production. Presently, Toshiba develops lithium-ion batteries for Honda’s EV-neo electric scooter.

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