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A New 300KW Electric Green GT Presented at Le Castellet in France


Swiss-based group Green GT has made another great step in the electric cars field. The company has managed to design a new electric race car (an evolution of the Le Mans Prototype), capable of generating 300 kW (408 hp). The new prototype of the 300KW Green GT has been presented before the media at Le Castellet, in France.

The Green GT is equipped with two rear-mounted electric motors, and is able to reach a top speed of over 290 km/h (180 mph). Thanks to an ingenious software-controlled torque vectoring system, the cornering ability has been improved over the previous model.

Another thing that has been improved (in terms of storage and discharge capacity) compared to the previous model, are the two lithium polymer batteries.

This way, the batteries can hold 31 kilowatt-hours of electricity and are cooled by a non-conductive liquid contained in a flame-retardant, crash-absorbing casing made of composite materials derived from the aerospace technology.

As the President of the FIA, Jean Todt said, the car will make its public appearance in short time. Meanwhile, series of tests will be carried out during this winter to validate its endurance and performance.

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