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New Ultra-Efficient Home Can Charge Your EV With The Energy It Produces


A new uber-efficient home has been unveiled by the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) at the University of Stuttgart. Not only it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide while it cools or heats itself, but it also generates enough to juice your electric or plug-in hybrid car.

The entire project headed by Berner Sobek is called The Plus-Energy House, a two-story home with a large space dedicated to the car.

The way this home controls the energy fed through its rooftop photovoltaics and thermal arrays is made with the already-known German precision. The Plus-Energy House is viewable from the street, and shows its systems with an interactive display.

It will be built and showcased in Berlin through government subsidies in 2011, but can be dismounted and rebuilt for as many times as you like, with minimal impact on the environment.

You can also send the energy it produces back to the grid, so the home can save your money, too.

[via inhabitat]

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