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NRG Solar to Build a 20MW Solar Power Plant in New Mexico


NRG Solar has great plans for the future. They are planning to build a 20MW solar power plant (Roadrunner Solar Electric Facility) in New Mexico.

El Paso Electric Co. will buy the generated energy under a 20-years power purchase agreement. According to the company, the project which costs $21 will be completed by the end of 2011. The photovoltaic facility will be the state’s second-largest and one of the first large-scale solar project built in New Mexico.

The new solar plant will be developed on a 210 acre land, near Santa Teresa, about 10 miles from El Paso, Texas. The Roadrunner Solar Electric Facility will be equipped with company’s latest thin film photovoltaic solar modules.

NRG also has a 21 MW facility in Blythe, California, under development, one of the state’s largest photovoltaic solar projects. the 45 MW Avenal photovoltaic facility is being built in collaboration with Eurus Energy America. Another thing that we should know about NRG is that it is a main investor in the world’s largest solar thermal project, the Ivanpah Solar Generating Facility.

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