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Sleekest Hydrogen Powered Sportscar: Honda FC Sport



Though some blogs take it as a surprise, it’s not something new coming from Honda: their vision of a sportscar powered entirely by a hydrogen fuel cell… not surprisingly, the same that’s into their FCX Clarity, released this summer.

Honda FC Sport is a low-profile sportscar, with a low center of gravity, specific to the cars in its class. Honda pleases us with a sleek design, taken from Sci-Fi movies. The FC Sport has three seats: one in the front (it’s so maybe to be compatible with both driving styles, although IMHO they should have put the seat on one side or the other, if they want to make it street drivable), and two seats in the back, to form a perfect equilibrium when full.

Anyway, it’s not a family car, and it’s still a concept. The powerful electric motor will probably be competitive with that of Tesla’s, and the autonomy will probably be higher, because the battery is the hydrogen stored onboard.

If Honda could implement some of the recent technologies regarding hydrogen storage, they could make their fuel cell cars even more autonomous. They could use the recent graphene or metal alloy-based recipients, which make a perfect choice for the future safety and efficiency regulations in hydrogen storage.

No more to say, for the moment… nice car, Honda! Bring it to the market as clean as possible!

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