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How to make electricity using your feet


I found an article about a man that built himself a pedal machine which has an alternator linked that charges a battery. He says he powers his monitor, some LED, and other small appliances around his house.

The idea is interesting, in fact, if we all could pedal about 1h/day we could lose all the fat stored on our bellies and other parts:) and also use the extra energy to power things up in our homes. I could live with that, could you? I could pedal 1h/day. Think about that: you put your energy machine in your backyard and pedal until you feel like it, then go to work for a couple of hours, sit on your lovely and comfortable office chair, get up, reach home and then pedal some more! You could save that much energy, that you could pay your home load, mortgage, or whatever you have! (just kidding)

When your wife/girlfriend annoys you, pedal more, and more, and more, until you find our you’re tired and go to bed. But no, you must brush your teeth, and then take another pedaling cycle of about 2 minutes before you go to bed. In your dreams, dream that you’re on a bicycle.

Letting all the joke apart, sports are good for your health and in this case it produces energy to power your radio and maybe your laptop.

One small thing about this: a non-ecological thing: YOU PRODUCE CO2 when you breathe. So you’re suddenly a pollutant and contributor to global warming! 🙂

Still, it’s a good idea. Another idea would be to install such device on your bicycle, pedal harder, and charge a battery. Bicycles have alternators on them, all you would have to do is put a battery and a diode bridge. Hey! But this way you can produce hydrogen that could fuel a small motor to give you a kick while climbing uphill! Interesting idea!

Visit the guy’s website and maybe purchase his plans: http://www.los-gatos.ca.us/davidbu/pedgen.html

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  1. The idea of using an alternator works fine. My uncle who lived up on the mountains all his life, had a machine like a bike tire that rotated when the wind blew on it, kind of like pedaling on a bike; but in this case the winds did the pedaling. He put this machine on top of the roof and wualaa! He had a lightbolb and a radio working without paying for electricity or buying batteries.

  2. Hello Dear. In a basic generator a coil is used and around that coil in horizontal position two magnets are use. One is on left and second one on right. MY question is what will happen if we set four magnets.i.e. one on top, one botton, and the rest of the two on left and right side?

  3. Hey bro. I am not a science student so it may look like a dumb question but anyways. If we connect the chain of pedals and generator. The other chain of second pulley of generator with the bi cycle tire generator. Means that we pedal to produce electricity through generator which runs the bicycle through that electricity. Will it be correct to say that that bicycle will run fast because of electricity. Means less pedalling and more speed.


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