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Hyperloop Texas Test Track to Get Built by Elon Musk


elon-musk-hyperloopThe founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, Elon Musk, is setting his sights back on Earth by ramping up his epic plans to develop what he has called a fourth mode of transportation aside from planes, trains and automobiles. This is apparently one of his hobbies aside from focusing on the challenge of sending a human colony to Mars.

His brainchild, the ‘Hyperloop’, will consist of lengthy tubes in which pods travel back and forth on air, carrying passengers at speeds beyond 750 miles per hour, ideally relieving the country from a significant amount of its dependence on fossil fuels for long distance travel.

Theoretically, this would not only be a far faster and safer method of travel, it would also require far less energy and could be integrated into an off-the-grid system mirroring Tesla’s solar powered recharge stations for its electric cars.

Based on recent twitter revelations, Musk is currently eyeing Texas for the initial test site, which may also feature a student competition for development of the fastest and most reliable traveling pod. This could be just what is needed to revive excitement in scientific development in the United States while Musk focuses on tackling space travel and energy independence.

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  1. Does this guy ever sleep? He is leading the country into developing devices thought only to be dreams. And, we are all the better for his work. While other CEOs are caught up in satisfying the dictates of the Wall Street Greed System of profits at any cost(pun), he goes along with turning his dreams into physical products and the money migrates his way…amazing!


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