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IDT's Solar Powered TFT Proves Itself Cheaper and Greener


idt15Generally, the electronics industry has to be improved in order to satisfy the consumers’ demands regarding performance, price and energy consumption.

Integrated Digital Technologies Inc wants to start production of TFT displays that have solar cells embedded in them. The panels will be called “iScreen”, i coming from Interactive.

“Unlike other touch screen panels that have extra film or glass with photo sensors on top of the regular LCD panel, Integrated Digital embeds solar cells in the thin-film-transistor [TFT] array layer during the panel-making process, thereby reducing the weight and thickness of the final product,” said Naejye Hwang, Integrated Digital’s display division director.

IDT says they will ship 5 million iScreens by next year, and cover a 20% global market share. The interesting thing is that they aren’t doing this solar panel-ization for planet’s sake, but for economic gains. Here’s a first case where going green doesn’t mean going more expensive. Worth noticing.

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