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Impressive Fuel Cell Stack on Kia Borrego FCEV Uses 98% of the Hydrogen


The partnership between Kia and Hyundai resulted in some huge steps forward regarding fuel cell technology. Kia has just released some footage about their latest FCEV prototype called Borrego (Mohave for the Korean market).

Borrego FCEV is build on a SUV platform that has a front wheel drive. The energy is transmitted to the wheels through a 110 kW AC electric motor. The electric motor is fueled by a stack of fuel cells located under the passenger compartment. The fuel cell stack is designed to work with air at ambient pressure, this way eliminating the need of a compressor. The newly designed fuel cell can use 98% of the hydrogen to produce energy and the maximum output is 115kW. This system seems to be the most efficient ever made up to now.

The FCEV uses as well a supercapacitor to provide the car with enough power in case of sudden acceleration. The supercapacitor is recharged by kinetic energy during braking phase or by the fuel cell pack when the speed is reduced. In the cruise mode, the motor uses only the fuel cell to get its needed energy.

Kia does not disclose the capacity of the hydrogen tank but the autonomy is said to be 685km (425 miles). Top speed of the vehicle is 160km/hour while the 0 to 100km/h is made in 12,8 seconds. Quite impressive results we see considering the fact that we are talking about a fuel cell car on a SUV platform.

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