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Innovative New Lamp Runs For 3 Days On Saltwater


Have a look at this little lamp!

A very recently announced piece of emergency gear is sure to excite all of you preppers out there. This amazing new lamp from Hitachi Maxwell will run for three days on nothing but saltwater.

Yep, just mix salt into water and you have light for around 80 hours.

It woks by using a magnesium bar which interacts with the salt, water and air to create power. And no it isn’t magic unfortunately, you have to replace the bar every 80 hours or so, and a new “power bar” will run you about 9 bucks.

But what a great alternative to those awful gas camping lamps that everyone keeps in their basements, just waiting for a break in the regularly scheduled programming.

There is no way that the power bar can go bad, and you won’t be burning your fingers on those little gas soaked cotton filaments as you curse and try to quickly get your fingers out of the flame.

It is apparently much cheaper to buy in the Japanese market, so if you have friends in Japan and you think this neat lamp would come in handy, have them send you a few with some extra magnesium bars.

That way the next time the power goes out, you can just mix up a tumbler of salt water for your lamp before you rinse it out and fill it with gin and ice for yourself.

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  1. Hi, thank you for the post, very interesting! I was wondering what happens to the magnesium bar once it has been used? Can it be recycled? I mean in principle and also is there a back distribution network in place?

  2. Camping lamps use mostly LEDs these days, I got 2 of them with rechargeable C batteries, might be a bit greener than fancy magnesium bars…


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