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Ambio Is a Cool Bacteria-Powered Lamp


3035936-inline-i-2-a-zero-electricity-lamp-that-glows-with-octopus-bacteria-590x330We have covered quite a number of stories that tell about the super efficient or super affordable lamp or a bulb, which will revolutionize your home. We have also told you about bioluminescent plants that could one day replace lighting systems. But we have not yet told you about a combination of the two- a lamp that is powered by bacteria.

The cool invention, called Ambio, comes from the graduate student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Teresa van Dongen.  It is essentially a lamp, which has a glass tube instead of a bulb. It is filled with artificial seawater and bacteria from octopus skin. The bacteria release the oxidative enzyme luciferase, thanks to which they generate blue light.

In order to ensure presence of oxygen, the designer did not fix the position of the lamp, but rather let it hang from a steel frame with weight on one of the sides. These causes the water and the bacteria to mix and release oxygen (see demo video here).

As it is right now, Ambio can only work for three days, simply because this is the lifespan of the bacteria that powers it. But we should all understand that it is still a prototype, and this is also why it is not on the market just yet. Teresa and a team of other scientists are currently busy trying to find ways to extend the life of the bacteria in the tube.

If they manage to figure out a way to make this ecosystem in a tube last longer, I am sure the line of people battling their way through to get their hands on this super cool gadget, will be very long. After all, it is a lamp that does not need power. Hands up if you think it should go on Kickstarter.

Image (c)  Design Academy Eindhoven

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