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Israeli Hobbyist Makes a Bicycle Out of Cardboard


cardboard-bike-alfa-Izhar-Gafni-537x427Is it possible to make a bicycle out of cardboard, you might ask. The answer is yes, and if you do not feel like doing it yourself, then you would only need $10 to get a fully functioning, recycling friendly, strong and stable one, thanks to an Israeli designer and bicycle super fan.

Izhar Gafni has shown all signs that he would go down to in history as the man, who made the coolest eco-bike that can be purchased with your pocket money.  Just like the Trabant that once flooded the market, the green bike is a true innovation made of recyclable material, only this time it is really cardboard and not duroplast.

Apparently, making one of these bikes is not difficult at all. Unlike other complicated DIY designs, here all you need is dedication, some cardboard, some paint and the right outline and number of folds that can guarantee maximum strength.

In a short promo video, Gafni admits that it took him quite a bit of time before he could come up with the design that can carry sufficient weight, yet still be made entirely out of recyclable cardboard. He also needed to find the right coating, so that the final product does not dissolve at the first contact with a drop of rain. But in the end he managed to work out a design that can cost only $10, a price that he himself refer to as “so cheap it is not even worth stealing”.

The idea is wonderful, it has to be admitted, and it will not come at all as a surprise when it receives its currently pending patent. It even can come with an electric motor, for those who do not feel like pedaling all the way. Eco-friendly, affordable, functional, and definitely super cool, the two-wheeler will definitely be the must-have item on everyone shopping list, as soon as it comes to the market. Hopefully this happens sooner.

Image (C) Izhar Gafni

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