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ITER: International Nuclear Fusion Reactor 40 Years from Now


iter-sunThe world’s most expensive and exotic experiment was thought to be CERN. Few people know that the EU, US, China, and Japan have invested billions of dollars to construct the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) that would use nuclear fusion instead of fission, like all nuclear power plants do today.

Nuclear fusion has long been experimented but never yielded more energy than it was fed with. Basically, nuclear fusion involves heating very lightweight hydrogen atoms to about 100 million degrees Celsius – or about 10 times the temperature of the sun.

Keeping into account that ITER has an estimated deadline of about 40 years, and remembering the recent inventions in room temperature nuclear fusion, it seems a little bit too exaggerated to think about present technologies wanting to be followed and implemented 40 years from now. The important thing is all these nations, including South Korea, India and Russia, have realized that such a big energetic project cannot be built by only one nation. What we have to do nowadays is make things work, and do that in a timely manner, not with plans half a lifetime into the future.

Nuclear fusion may be the ultimate energy resource, but it has to be implemented on smaller, more inexpensive scale to keep the future developments and upgrades alive.

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  1. It is time to halt these boondoggles before they suck up more precious taxpayer dollars which are so desperately needed to help the ever-growing underclass of people living in poverty.

    The taxpayer is being told to starve so these trojan programs can continue to leech away their livelihoods. Witness today’s ‘Austerity’ programs beginning to spread through Europe and soon everywhere… there will be no money for your children or retirement as the elites are spending every Country into bankrupcy with their Wars and so-called Defense Spending and spending on toxic Fission and blackhole Fusion ‘technologies’.

    From its inception to today, fusion has been a gigantic blackhole welfare program for the rich corporations and their scientistic employees with the starving taxpayer footing the bill.

    No more. Its time to end all public funding for these so-called ‘energy’ programs. If there’s money in it let the so-called ‘Free Market’ fund it. After all, those richie private investors already have trillions floating around that they don’t know what to do with, why don’t they risk their own assets and asses instead of making the taxpayer the victim? Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.


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